Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Blogger Thanksgiving Giveaway event From " I Heart's Content of A Mama Blog" .

Free Blogger Event.                   FREE Blogger Sign Up

One Free link to a blogger that posts about this Free Blogger event on their blog. Update: Giveaway Starts on October 26, 2012 (EST).
 Prize #1: Size Youth hat - Hershey souvenir Size Small short sleeve shirt - I Love NY souvenir Key chain - Hershey souvenir Fridge magnet - New York souvenir $80 Paypal Cash (Worldwide) 
Prize #2: Size Medium Women's shirt - Aeropostale 2 Crystal glass bracelets (Worldwide) 
Prize #3: $75 GC to Shabby Apple (US) 
Prize #4: 5 Packaways Storage boxes (US) - Tote Box, 12 Gallon Box, 16 Gallon Box, 21 Gallon Box, Large Under bed Box. 
Prize #5: $25 GC to Ebay (US) 
Prize #6: 4 (6.5 x 5 inches) Animal postcard souvenir, 2 (6 x 4 inches) Carousel postcard souvenir (Worldwide) 
Prize #7: $25 GC to Aeropostale (Worldwide) 
Requirement to join: -
Post the announcement or pay the $2 fee. -
No more than 2 blogs per person allowed. - 
Agree to post the giveaway html on the date the event begins and promotes her post at least 3x a week.